Costa Rica has 2 million visitors annually. The number of ladies coming here for bachelorette parties is increasing each year, in part due to the quick, cheap flights here, the really hot guys, and the variety of activities to take part in. It’s becoming more popular than Vegas for bachelorette parties.

bachelorette party costa ricaCosta Rica’s better than Vegas because there’s not only nightlife, but day trip activities, too. You can relax on beautiful, tropical beaches, go white water rafting or zip lining, swim under a waterfall, enjoy spa services, take yoga classes, or tour a national park, getting the chance to see monkeys, iguanas, and sloths.

At night, you can hit a different disco, bar, or strip club each night. There are endless choices and the party starts early and goes late. You and your girls won’t have time to sleep unless you want to. If you are interested in meeting some of the local latin flavor that is always an option as well.

Speaking of your housing arrangements, think luxury. This is Costa Rica! Your rental will be private and come complete with a pool and full concierge service. It will be right near the best beaches and a multitude of restaurants to meet your taste. There’s no shortage of beach bars, places to dance to a little salsa, live music, and other bachelorette friendly options.

We will be glad to set your group up in a luxury house and connect you to the best clubs and people, so you get VIP service everywhere you go, for your entire stay in the country. Our hosts are bilingual and available to help you out along the way. We’ll take care of all the details, all you have to worry about is which shoes to pack.


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