Customized Services For Your Girl’s Trip

Costa Rica Girl’s Trip knows that each group is going to want different things and want different experiences while taking in the beauty of Costa Rica.  We are going to work with you and be there at all times before you arrive in Costa Rica and our job does not end until you are on your flight back home to make sure your needs are met 100{01b16e9a00671e3883468d28b4bfd86c8c15abb6dd1040a10992ef324c97fd74} of the time.


Costa Rica Girl’s Trip allows you tom pick and choose what tours and day trips you want to partake in while vacationing in Costa Rica.  Some groups love yoga, others want to go go horseback riding on the beach, and others just want to lounge around and take in the scenery and beautiful beaches that are located throughout Costa Rica. We will plan an itinerary for your trip and help make last minute changes if needed.

 Costa Rica Girl’s Trip has contracts with various luxury homes throughout the Jaco and Hermosa area as well as other parts of Costa Rica that allow trips like the one you are planning. We will make sure we find the perfect accommodations that are within your budget. We know how important your vacation accommodations are for your happiness while travelling.
Costa Rica Girl’s Trip allows you to pick how you want to be transported around the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Traveling throughout Costa Rica is easier than every before with a wide variety of transportation options.  You can choose to fly on a short domestic flight or relax in the comfort of a modern, air conditioned van driven by a professional driver, it is up to you. We can also set up helicopter and limo service if you so desire. It all depends on how fast and how much you want to pay to get from point A to point B.

We know that sometimes groups are going to have specific dietary needs or they are going to want to have special meals prepared for them.  Costa Rica Girl’s Trip has connections with local chefs and catering services that can meet your every need.  We have staff members that will also be preparing some of your meals so you do not have to worry about it yourself.  Included in your trip will be delivery service of any food you want brought to you personally. We will also give you advice on what restaurants to hit on your trip to Costa Rica for an incredible dining out experience.


A Girl’s Guide to Costa Rica
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Yoga, Meditation, Spa Treatments, Hot Springs, Massages, Restaurants and much, much more


Steps to Plan Your Costa Rica Girl’s Trip

  • Get in contact with our CEO to talk to you about your trip
  • Pick the dates you are looking to come to Costa Rica
  • Arrange housing (luxury home, ocean view condo, all inclusive hotel, etc…)
  • Our travel planner will set up tours, transportation, and all other logistics
  • Upon arrival you will be met at the airport and personally transported to your destinations.
  • You will have VIP service until flying home with memories you will always cherish